About YB Marketing (YBM!)

Founded with the initial goal of helping California’s small business community connect with government & compete on contracts, YBM has grown with more services & offerings to take on more & more of our clients outreach & customer engagement. This includes the software & technology that drives the business.

Since its beginnings in 2007, YB Marketing has now served companies throughout the United States in development & execution of sales & marketing plans and still intends to be a LOW cost leader in this area. Our client list includes a variety of company types with most notably technology companies as the most engaged client!

A thorough, all encompassing strategy at an excellent price!

Social media & government transparency have made it a great environment for greater engagement. YBM researches markets, finds the appropriate staff within and connects with them using social tools and direct contacting. Our intent is to development long term relationships for our clients allowing to compete on projects now and in the future.

Our team “takes over” our client’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts & advises on the client’s overall content delivery. We couple this with webinars and face-to-face events to CONNECT & GROW our client’s business.

Software capable & implemented

We stay current to software tools used in sales & marketing using what the client has in place & continue to educate & utilize cost effective products & will implement when the client desires. Popular products supported & implemented include:

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Salesforce CRM.png