Helping your business deepen relationships & develop competitive advantages

Direct Outreach on our clients behalf

Direct Outreach on our clients behalf

YB Marketing’s unique approach includes meeting our clients’ customers to ensure expectations are met & relationships are deepened. This approach not only helps in securing your customer base but also demonstrates the care you have for your customers interests. Results from our on-going meetings assist us in implementing competitive separation strategies utilized in RFP/RFI/RFO responses & outreach strategies.  Examples of our deliverables include:

  • Developing written "MUST HAVE"s used as the basis for competitive separation & responses

  • Executing all encompassing sales & marketing programs to engage EXISTING CUSTOMERS, key partners & prospects

  • Mapping / segmenting customers coupled with all encompassing sales & marketing execution

  • Managing procurement contracts (I.E. CMAS) & promoting SINGLE SOURCE procurement strategies

Assisting your business Expand into Major California Markets

Understanding large California markets & how each agency, department & segment procure & engage with vendors is fundamental to future success. YBM staff have assisted our clients in major market understanding & how their key competitors engage. Examples of our deliverables include:

  • Research procurement history & competitors providing pricing insights where available

  • Register our client’s company on procurement websites

  • Engage with procurement officials in target markets developing relationships & go-to-market strategies

  • Develop campaigns that include unsolicited proposals within procurement dollar thresholds

Implement sales & marketing software infrastruture 

Social management.jpg

YBM has assisted in the selection & deployment of a variety of internal use systems. This list includes:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software -

    a critical tool for data protection & day-to-day sales & marketing management. Products utilized have included SalesForce, ZOHO, Microsoft Dynamics

  • E- mail Service Provider Software - organic email list growth is KEY using such tools as MailChimp or Constant Contact (YBMarketing is a partner of Constant Contact)

  • Social Engagement coupled with tools above include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Event management & attendance outreach


Events are a proven technique for relationship & revenue opportunity development. YBM coordinates the venue, agenda, guest speakers, AND develop & manage the outreach using social channels. Our services also include:

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Creative outreach to drive attendance