Day to day, creative, consistent outreach to help your business stand out from the crowd!

Through proven processes we work to dominate target markets gaining mind share & trust with your audience.

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key deliverables 

Market preparation & readiness

Market preparation & readiness

  • Research competition & develop competitive separation strategies

  • Review & recommend revisions to critical customer engagement processes (sales, marketing, project delivery) ensuring highest quality experience

  • Develop & integrate unique, go-to-market messaging utilizing social tools (Twitter, Facebook, Website), direct sales process execution & email marketing

  • Develop webinar & educational outreach

  • Develop sales team demonstration & career skills

  • Obtain contract vehicles                   

  • Develop CRM & sales team metrics  

  • Identify - vet core & unique partnerships in new market development

Go-To-Market execution

Go-To-Market execution

  • Advocate & outreach at all levels of our clients target market

  • Execute go-to-market campaigns in social & direct outreach with "Calls to Action"

  • Participate with sales teams in day to day activities

  • Engage with current customers to further knowledge & develop references & outreach materials

  • Review & refine policy & processes based on execution 

  • Participate in RFP responses & strategy

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  • YBM staff work through monthly retainers

  • A team is assigned led by YBM principal consultant consisting of one to four people

  • YBM contracts can be offered as exclusive to a product line, a market & line of business

  • Exclusive monthly retainers begin at $2,800 per month - others as low as $1,200 per month

  • Hourly or project based contracts available